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    in foreign European countries
    to recover the international VAT of their hotel expenses.

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With Taxecure, reclaiming VAT from on hotel & hospitality invoices has never been so Fast & Easy.

What is Taxecure?

VAT recovery of hospitality expenses for international business travelers had never been so easy.
Everytime you pay your hotel expenses with a Taxecure enabled MasterCard, Taxecure will automatically refund your company the corresponding VAT within days.
No more paperwork nor lengthy administrative procedures. With Taxecure international VAT recovery will no longer be a hassle.

Taxecure will be soon launching a pilot for corporates travelling to Spain. Be the first to try this groundbreaking service by signing up here !

Make it fast

Many businesses do not reclaim VAT on hotels & hospitality because of reclaiming VAT is complex, cumbersome and slow. Taxecure makes it fast: a process which can take months with little certainty can take less than a week.


Make it easy

Every European Union country has its own process and compliance procedures. When you stay at a Taxecure enabled hotel, Taxecure ensures that the invoice is VAT compliant and gives you your VAT immediately. Our simple online system shows you all your invoices and what we have done for you. It is that easy.


Make it efficient

The standard way of reclaiming VAT is a long, expensive, inefficient paper process, where most invoices are not VAT compliant. By working with Taxecure enabled hotels, we save you time at work, at the hotel and afterwards as you can see every invoice online. That makes your VAT recovery much more efficient.


The Taxecure idea

What if there was a simple way to reclaim VAT on hotel & hospitality costs in foreign countries?

Enabling businesses to quickly & easily reclaim VAT on hotel & hospitality costs in other EU countries driving immediate cash & rewards benefit for business travellers.

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  • Taxecure will go live later in 2018. We are working hard with MasterCard to launch the service as soon as possible in the main European business destinations.
  • Sign up here if you want to be notified of when the service will be available in your country
  • Our system gives you the ability to choose. We wait until there is at least €50 before we can transfer money to you. But you can see what those funds are and where.
  • But to start, you need to have fully registered and appointed us as your VAT agent – and paid some VAT to a Taxecure enabled hotel!
  • We charge a portion of the VAT that you seek to reclaim. Our charges start at 50%, [and reduce when the amount of VAT recovered exceeds (€50,000) per year].
  • Yes. €50 in any one calendar year.
  • We have a simple sign up process. To start reclaiming VAT, you must appoint Taxecure as your VAT agent. We guide you through that process. Try it and see!
  • Response: Not all EU countries allow VAT recovery on hotels. France, Portugal, Greece, Slovenia do not reimburse VAT on hotels costs.
  • Response: Our system gives the finance team full visibility of what we are doing, invoice by invoice, onscreen, from which they can download data.
  • We are not accountants! But we think the best way is to credit the amount we pay you to the travel expense in your accounts. Another way is to credit the whole of the VAT (i.e. not just what we pay, but the gross amount before our charges), to your travel expense line; and debit our charge to your professional advice line.

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We’re busy preparing the launch with MasterCard of this groundbreaking service and will have news to share later in 2018.

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