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    in foreign European countries
    to recover the international VAT of their hotel expenses.

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With Taxecure, swiftly refunding VAT to your corporate clients on Hotel & hospitality invoices is made automatic.

What is Taxecure?

VAT recovery of hospitality expenses for international business travelers had never been so easy.
Everytime you pay your hotel expenses with a Taxecure enabled MasterCard, Taxecure will automatically refund your company the corresponding VAT within days.
No more paperwork nor lengthy administrative procedures. With Taxecure international VAT recovery will no longer be a hassle.

Taxecure will be soon launching a pilot for corporates travelling to Spain. Be the first to try this groundbreaking service by signing up here !

Make it fast

Many companies do not reclaim VAT on hotels & hospitality because of the complexity of the standard way of refunding. Taxecure makes it much faster: a process which can take up to 5 months will take as little as a day.


Make it easy

The European Union includes a large variety of countries, languages and Tax & Legal systems. Taxecure knows about all these differences. VAT is immediately refunded to your customers by Taxecure’s simple online system.


Increase your revenues

Offer corporates to credit the VAT paid by Taxecure directly to the travelling employees loyalty rewards programs and increase your future revenues.


The Taxecure idea

What if there was a simple way to enable your clients to not pay the VAT on hotel & hospitality costs in foreign countries?

Enables businesses to quickly & easily recoup VAT on hotel & hospitality costs in a foreign country driving immediate cash & profit benefit. Taxecure is a unique synergy of three systems in international finance administration & payment systems.

Hotel checkout as usual

Taxecure checks the invoice

Taxecure pre-pays the VAT automatically to the customer

Or Taxecure pays the Hotel to acquire rewards for the customer

Taxecure reclaims the VAT at its own risk

Main benefits for hotels & hospitality chains

Don’t miss this opportunity to make your hotels more corporate-friendly with Taxecure.

Improved customer loyalty

Customers will prefer a hotel which offers the big advantage of a fast & easy VAT refund.

Improved occupancy rates

Knowing the needs of customers means understanding them. Through Taxecure, hotels will offer the service that their customers were lacking so far.

Increased revenue

Offering customers the benefit of a quick tax money return will assure an increased revenue to a hotel, making customers willing to prefer this hotel.

Higher customer spend

Offering a fast & easy VAT refunding will make customers willing to spend more as everything will be cheaper for them, letting the hotels enjoy the profits.

Offer discounts at no cost

With Taxecure’s proposition, the customer will be able to receive his VAT money back almost immediately, meaning cheaper prices for the customer but no cost for the hotel.

More understanding on corporate customers

Taxecure enables hotels to identify corporates which are often not identified as such.


  • Once enabled by Voxel, the Taxecure proposition is free to hotels.

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We’re busy preparing the launch with MasterCard of this groundbreaking service and will have news to share later in 2018.

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